A daily email with the news and weather for your remote team, wherever they live

A daily email with the news and weather for your remote team

Remote is the new normal

Keeping a team bond is really important but it's hard to replicate the water-cooler conversations. How do we keep that social bond when we're not even in the same country?

Conversation Starter

We'll send you a daily email with the weather forecast, temperature and the top news headlines for each city that your team-members live in.

What do I get?

We use it ourselves! Here's the email I get every morning for my remote team, who are dotted around the world.


We've kept the pricing simple


€5 (per city per month)

For example: 1 city = €5.
You'll get an email every weekday (at a time of your choosing) with the weather and news for that city/country.
Each additional city €5.
Max. 10 cities

More than 10 cities? Custom Request?


For now, contact us here if you're interested in purchasing a subscription. Include details like number of cities or any custom requests. We'll get back to you quickly!

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